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Massive Global Computer Blackout Disrupts Air Travel: What Passengers Need to Know

A global computer blackout, caused by a faulty software update from CrowdStrike, has led to widespread flight disruptions. Learn about your passenger rights and how to navigate the chaos as airlines work to restore normal operations.



Massive Global Computer Blackout Disrupts Air Travel: What Passengers Need to Know


A global computer blackout, caused by a faulty software update from CrowdStrike, has led to widespread flight disruptions. Learn about your passenger rights and how to navigate the chaos as airlines work to restore normal operations.


Ryanair Flight Disrupted by In-Flight Brawl Over Seat Swap, Forcing Emergency Landing


A Ryanair flight from Agadir to London faced an emergency landing after a brawl over a seat swap. The incident led to nine passengers being expelled and significant delays for the remaining travelers.


Expect Major Traffic Jams as Vacationers Hit the Road This Weekend


Prepare for major traffic jams this weekend as vacationers hit the road. Bison Futé forecasts significant congestion on major motorways, especially in the north-west and south-east regions. Plan your travel times carefully to avoid delays.


Copenhagen Rewards Eco-Friendly Tourists with Free Coffee and Cultural Experiences


Copenhagen's CopenPay initiative rewards tourists for eco-friendly actions with free coffee, cultural experiences, and more. Running from July 15 to August 21, the pilot project aims to reduce tourism-related pollution.


SNCF Prepares for Record Summer: 1.2 Million Travelers Expected Amid Olympic Rush


The SNCF is set for a record-breaking summer with 1.2 million travelers expected this weekend, boosted by the upcoming Olympic Games. Despite high demand, 12 million tickets remain available.


Prepare for Travel Disruptions: Strikes Across Europe to Impact Thousands


Travelers in Europe face significant disruptions due to planned strikes in airports and public transport systems. Stay informed and prepare for potential delays and cancellations during the peak tourist season.


Save Big on Exotic Family Vacations at Center Parcs with Flash Sales


Discover Center Parcs' exotic vacation destinations with comfortable accommodations and exciting activities. Book before July 3 to enjoy special flash sales and make unforgettable family memories.


How the Paris Olympics Will Disrupt Your Summer Travel Plans


Planning a summer trip to Paris? The upcoming Olympics will bring heavy traffic, high hotel prices, and increased security. Learn how to navigate these challenges for a smoother vacation experience.


Navigating Europe's Traffic Nightmares: Paris, Brenner Pass, and Swiss Detours


Discover how the Paris 2024 Olympics, Brenner Pass delays, and Swiss storm damage are causing major traffic disruptions across Europe. Plan your journey with our detailed guide on navigating these challenges.


Capri Resolves Water Crisis and Lifts Tourist Ban After Major Supply Disruption


Capri lifts a temporary tourist ban after resolving a major water supply disruption. The island faced a 'real emergency situation' as reservoirs depleted, but the issue has now been addressed.


Lyon to Launch Eco-Friendly River Shuttle Service in 2025, Enhancing Urban Mobility


Lyon's public transport network, TCL, will introduce an eco-friendly river shuttle service called Navigône in June 2025. This new service aims to enhance urban mobility and revalorize the banks of the Saône, offering a fun and sustainable transport alternative.


Enjoy the Music Festival: Extended Night Transport Services in Paris


Experience the Music Festival in Paris with extended night transport services. RER, metro, and bus lines will run all night, ensuring you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about getting home.


Grab 20%+ Discounts on Israeli Hotels for Summer 2024


The Israel Hotel Association is offering over 20% discounts on hotel bookings at 180 Israeli hotels for summer 2024. Bookings open today for a limited time!


Sailing Adventure: Olympic Flame's Atlantic Journey with Marie-Jo Pérec


Join Marie-Jo Pérec and Hugo Roellinger on a thrilling Atlantic crossing aboard the Maxi-trimaran Banque Populaire, as they transport the Olympic flame to Guadeloupe. Discover the freedom and camaraderie of this unique journey.


Maximize Your Euro: Top Travel Destinations for Germans in 2024


Discover where Germans can get the most value for their euros in 2024. Explore affordable travel destinations including Turkey, Poland, and Hungary and learn about the financial tips for a cost-effective holiday.


Witness the Spectacular Hanging of Olympic Rings on Eiffel Tower


Experience the awe-inspiring installation of the Olympic rings on the Eiffel Tower as Paris prepares to host the 2024 Olympic Games. Discover the intricate process and the international effort behind this monumental display.


Algeria Eyes 12 Million Tourists by 2030: Revitalizing Historical Sites and Expanding Infrastructure


Algeria aims to attract 12 million tourists by 2030 by revitalizing historical sites and expanding infrastructure. Learn about the ambitious plans and the potential of Algeria as a major travel destination.


Unveiling the Real Seine: From Postcards to Olympic Dreams


Discover the rich, untold story of the Seine River in Paris. Beyond its postcard-perfect image, explore its historical significance, current challenges, and future aspirations leading up to the 2024 Olympics.


Paris Closes Key Areas for 2024 Olympics: Major Travel Disruptions Ahead


With the 2024 Olympic Games approaching, Paris faces major travel disruptions due to extensive road and public transport closures. Stay informed on how to navigate the city during this period of heightened activity.


Technical Issues Force Multiple Plane Changes, Ruin School Trip to Athens


A series of technical problems on Transavia flights ruined a planned school trip to Athens for CM2 and 6th grade students, leading to cancellations and refunds.


Airlines Tighten Safety Rules Amid Rising Turbulence Incidents


Amid increasing turbulence incidents linked to climate change, airlines like Singapore Airlines are tightening safety protocols. Learn how new measures aim to protect passengers and crew.


Paris Metro Line 14 Extension to Orly Airport Revolutionizes Travel; New Stops Boost Connectivity


Learn about the Paris Metro Line 14 extension to Orly Airport and other significant upgrades to the Île-de-France transport network, enhancing connectivity just in time for the Olympic Games.


Japan Takes Action Against Misbehaving Tourists: QR Codes and Barriers


Amid skyrocketing tourist numbers, Japan addresses overtourism challenges, introducing measures like QR codes and barriers at popular spots to manage visitor behavior and preserve local culture.


Bark Air Transforms Pet Travel with Luxurious Cabin Flights for Dogs


Discover how Bark Air is revolutionizing pet travel with luxurious in-cabin flights for dogs, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey for your furry friends. Learn more about their unique services and upcoming routes.


Traveler’s Hack: Daniel Gálvez Removes Wheels to Bypass Ryanair Baggage Fees


Discover how Daniel Gálvez avoided Ryanair's hefty baggage fees by removing his suitcase wheels, highlighting the struggles of travelers with restrictive cabin baggage policies.


BARK Air Revolutionizes Pet Travel with Exclusive Luxury Flights for Dogs


BARK Air, a collaboration between Talon Air and BARK, offers luxurious, stress-free flights for dogs with routes between New York, Los Angeles, and London. Discover how this groundbreaking service aims to revolutionize pet travel.


Los Angeles Hosts IPW 2024, Propels US Tourism; Germany Loses 2027 Women's World Cup Bid


Los Angeles successfully hosted the IPW 2024, boosting US tourism with significant future travel projections. Meanwhile, Germany lost the bid to host the 2027 Women's World Cup to Brazil.