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Tragic Family Incidents: Valencia Suffocation and Daejeon Child Abuse Lead to Severe Legal Consequences

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In Valencia, a 12-year-old girl was found suffocated with her mother injured, while in Daejeon, harsh sentences are sought for the abuse and death of a 15-month-old child. Read more to uncover the tragic details.

Tragedies Strike Families in Valencia and Daejeon

In Valencia, a 12-year-old girl was found dead in her family home on Monday, following what appears to be a suffocation. Her mother was also discovered at the scene with a stab wound, which authorities believe may have been self-inflicted. The incident, which took place between 3:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., is still under investigation. According to a press release from the Valencia public prosecutor's office, the mother, 39, called the emergency services herself, claiming she found her daughter inert in bed that morning.

Despite her injuries, the mother’s condition was not considered life-threatening, and she is currently hospitalized. Preliminary findings from the autopsy did not provide conclusive evidence suggesting the involvement of a third party, although the mother and daughter bore traces of a struggle. The forensic doctor posited that further tests, including toxicological and bacteriological exams, would be required to determine the true cause of the young girl's death. The authorities have not ruled out various hypotheses, including a potential crisis episode related to the child’s autism or a purely accidental death.

Meanwhile, in Daejeon, an appeal trial is underway for three people, including the biological mother and two accomplices, charged with the abuse and subsequent death of a 15-month-old child. The Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office has requested 30-year prison sentences for all involved parties. The abuse stemmed from a misguided attempt to 'break the spirit' of the child, who was ultimately subjected to continuous physical assault. The child's mother, referred to as A, along with her accomplices B and C, have openly admitted to their crimes and expressed deep remorse.

The ordeal began when A sought refuge from domestic violence by moving in with B, who then conspired with C to discipline the child, insisting that harsh methods were necessary. The abuse intensified over several weeks and culminated in a fatal incident on October 4th of the previous year. The child died of hypovolemic shock due to the severe trauma inflicted. During the first trial, the assailants received considerable prison sentences—20 years each for A and B, and 15 years for C. The appeal trial is currently evaluating these sentences while considering the extent of the cruelty inflicted on the innocent victim.

  • In the Valencia case, the forensic examinations are crucial for reaching any final conclusions about the method and cause of death. Toxicological, anatomopathological, and bacteriological tests will likely shed light on the mystery surrounding the young girl's death. Despite the inconclusive autopsy, investigators remain diligent in uncovering the truth.
  • In the Daejeon incident, prosecution highlighted the malicious intent behind the abuse, citing the intent to 'break the spirit' of a defenseless child as particularly egregious. The child’s tragic death has prompted public outcry and a demand for stringent punishment against those responsible. The emotional statements from the individuals involved indicate a mix of remorse and an acknowledgment of past failures, although this does little to mitigate the horror of their actions.
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