New Cholera Outbreak Claims Second Life in Mayotte, URGENT Measures In Place

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A second death due to cholera has been reported in Mamoudzou, Mayotte. Read about the ongoing outbreak, the measures in place, and how residents are being vaccinated to curb the spread.

Cholera Outbreak in Mayotte: Second Death Reported

A 62-year-old woman has tragically died from cholera in Mamoudzou, Mayotte, as confirmed by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) on Sunday. The woman passed away at her home in the Cavani district, marking the second death due to cholera in Mayotte this month. Earlier, on May 8, a three-year-old child succumbed to the disease.

ARS officials stated, "In accordance with the cholera control protocol, intervention teams were dispatched to disinfect the home and provide care for the deceased’s close contacts." Vaccination efforts for those who have been in contact with cholera patients are already underway, starting from Sunday.

The cholera situation in Mayotte is increasingly concerning with several dozens of cases reported over the past few months. The first incidences were traced back to mid-March and involved individuals returning from Comoros, where the epidemic is currently rampant. Towards the end of April, the first 'native' cases emerged, raising alarms among health officials.

Cholera is a bacterial disease known for causing severe diarrhea and can lead to death from dehydration within one to three days if not treated. It is typically spread through contaminated water or food. Fortunately, effective vaccines and treatments are available, and health authorities are focusing on vaccination and sanitation measures to contain the outbreak.

  • Mayotte, the poorest of the French departments, has faced ongoing challenges in healthcare infrastructure, making disease outbreaks particularly devastating. The current cholera outbreak adds to the existing struggles in managing public health effectively.
  • Local authorities are urging residents to follow strict hygiene practices and ensure that drinking water is properly treated. Public awareness campaigns have been launched to educate the community about preventive measures against cholera.
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