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Knife Attack in Mannheim Leaves Several Injured: Police Officer Critically Hurt

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A knife attack in Mannheim, Germany, targeted participants of an anti-Islam rally, leaving several injured including a critically hurt police officer. The attacker was later shot by police.

Knife Attack in Mannheim: Multiple Injured, Motive Still Unclear

A severe knife attack took place in Mannheim, Germany, on Friday, leaving several people injured. The attack appeared to have targeted participants of an anti-Islam rally organized by the group Pax Europa. At least seven people sustained injuries, including prominent anti-Islam activist Michael Stürzenberger and a police officer who is currently in critical condition. Baden-Württemberg's Interior Minister, Thomas Strobl, confirmed the incident and emphasized that the exact motive behind the attack is still under investigation.

Police Officer Critically Injured

During the assault, a police officer was critically injured while attempting to apprehend the assailant. According to Michael Mertens, the deputy federal chairman of the police union (GdP), the incident escalated rapidly from a routine operational situation into a violent confrontation. The injured officer is currently undergoing surgery, and his condition remains critical. Authorities disclosed that the attacker, identified as 25-year-old Sulaiman A. from Herat, Afghanistan, was also shot and injured.

Investigation Underway

Security measures have heightened in the aftermath of the attack. Mannheim's mayor, Christian Specht, expressed his deep shock, labeling the incident as a brutal assault that has left the community speechless. He urged the public to refrain from making speculative comments until the investigation provides more clarity. Meanwhile, prominent political figures are calling for swift justice, with CDU chairman Friedrich Merz describing the episode as an act of terror and Green Party leader Omid Nouripour demanding rigorous prosecution against all involved.

  • The identity of the attacker has not been officially confirmed, but multiple media outlets have reported him as Sulaiman A., a resident of southern Hesse. As of Friday night, the authorities have not provided any updates confirming this information.
  • The Pax Europa organization, known for its critical stance against Islam, was the target of the attack. The treasurer of Pax Europa, Stefanie Kizina, confirmed that their board member Michael Stürzenberger was among those injured.
  • A large police operation is currently underway at Mannheim's market square to ensure public safety. A rescue helicopter has been deployed, and train traffic between Kurpfalzkreisel and Paradeplatz has been temporarily halted.
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