Houthi Rebels Strike Greek Ship with Missiles Amid Escalating Maritime Assaults

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Houthi rebels have attacked a Greek ship, hitting it with missiles off the Yemeni coast. Despite the damage, no injuries were reported, adding to escalating maritime assaults in the region.

Houthi Rebels Target Greek Ship in Latest Maritime Assault

Yemeni Houthi rebels from the Ansar Allah movement have attacked a Greek ship, adding to a series of maritime assaults in the region. The United States Central Command (Centcom) reported that the commercial vessel, flying under the Marshall Islands flag, was struck by three missiles off the coast of Yemen. Despite the attack, the ship continued its journey without any injuries reported among the crew or US coalition forces.

British maritime security company Ambrey confirmed the incident, noting that the ship issued a distress call due to damage in the storage hold and water ingress. Situated about 54 nautical miles southwest of the Yemeni city of Hodeidah, it made its way to a nearby port to assess the damage. The vessel, named 'LAX' and managed by Greyhill Ship Management, has yet to receive an official comment from the Greece-based operator regarding the incident.

This attack is claimed to be the 75th of its kind since the escalation began, with the British Maritime Trade Authority advising caution and the reporting of any suspicious activity. Although the British Navy has not yet attributed the attack, it is suspected to be another strike from the Houthi group. This group, in solidarity with Gaza, has previously targeted various ships and naval assets.

Recently, Yahya Saree, the military spokesman for the Houthi rebels, announced attacks on American and Israeli ships in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, employing missiles and drones. This is part of a broader campaign that began in October, initially targeting sites in southern Israel and gradually escalating to a range of maritime assaults. The continued aggression has prompted a response from the US-led coalition, which has conducted raids against Houthi positions in Yemen. The ongoing conflict underscores the increasing dangers faced by commercial and military vessels in these critical waters.

  • The maritime security landscape in the Red Sea and surrounding regions has grown increasingly perilous due to these persistent threats. Commercial shipping operators have been advised to implement heightened security protocols and maintain vigilance.
  • Furthermore, this series of attacks has significant geopolitical implications, intensifying tensions between the Houthi rebels and US-led coalition forces. The complexity of the conflict is exacerbated by the involvement of multiple national interests and the strategic importance of the maritime routes under threat.
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