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Hamas Accuses Israel of Genocide Using US Weapons: Calls for Global Intervention

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Hamas leader Osama Hamdan has accused Israel of genocide against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, with evidence of US weapon involvement. He calls for international sanctions and intervention.

Hamas Accuses Israel and the US of Genocide Amid Escalating Tensions in Gaza

Hamas leader Osama Hamdan has accused Israel of deliberate genocide against Palestinian civilians, alleging that recent escalations have targeted women, children, and the elderly in Gaza Strip displacement camps. Speaking at a press conference in Beirut, Hamdan highlighted the involvement of American weapons in these violent acts, suggesting the United States bears full responsibility for the ongoing situation.

Hamdan criticized the Israeli occupation for burning bodies and beheading children, actions he claims reveal the true face of the occupation. He emphasized that the precision of American missiles used in these massacres underscores a deliberate and sponsored genocide, challenging the credibility of Israel's claims about safe areas within the Gaza Strip. Hamdan argued that the supposed safe zones are mere traps for civilians, and he called for the international community to take definitive action to stop these crimes occurring under American auspices.

Furthermore, the Hamas leader condemned the actions of the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, labeling it as extremist and accusing it of using the failure against the resistance as a pretext for massacres against civilians. He denied the presence of fighters in the targeted camps, pointing to images of martyred civilians as evidence against these claims. Hamdan stated that the bombed areas are far from the zones of military operations, further discrediting the Israeli narratives.

Hamdan reiterated the resilience of the resistance factions, asserting that ongoing massacres across the Strip will not pressure the resistance. He stressed that Israel will not recover its prisoners without meeting the conditions set by the resistance, which include halting aggression, withdrawing forces, and initiating reconstruction. Any deviation from these terms, he warned, would result in further loss of life among Israeli prisoners.

He urged the international community to respond decisively to the ongoing crimes in Gaza, highlighting the need for sanctions against the Zionist entity, particularly in terms of stopping the funding for military equipment used in the massacres. Hamdan emphasized that stability in the region hinges on Israel's withdrawal and compliance with these conditions.

Responding to the recent hostilities at the Rafah crossing, Hamdan described it as a strictly Palestinian-Egyptian matter and called for Egypt to pressurize Israel into withdrawing from the crossing. He commented on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, urging international measures to allow the wounded to receive treatment and to rebuild the health sector decimated by the continuous aggression.

  • Hamas has called on Palestinians worldwide to rise up and march in protest against the massacres being carried out by the Israeli army in Rafah and across the Gaza Strip. The group highlighted the recent Zionist massacre as particularly egregious, urging people across the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the occupied territories to express their anger and demand justice for the victims.
  • Hamdan addressed the international community's role, calling for sanctions grounded in the United Nations resolutions and International Court of Justice decisions. He pointed out that punitive measures, such as stopping the funding for weapons, would significantly impact the capacity of the Israeli occupation to continue its operations in Gaza.
  • Regarding the reports of new Israeli prisoners taken by the Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamdan stated that there is limited information beyond what has been publicly announced. However, he noted that recent leaks and statements indicate a higher number of casualties among Israeli ranks than officially reported.
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