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Critical Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Aid Stalled Amid Intense Israeli Operations

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Gaza faces a critical humanitarian crisis as Israeli military operations intensify, causing severe shortages of medical supplies and hindering aid delivery. Over a million people are on the move, with thousands in desperate need of medical evacuation.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, has reached a critical point amid ongoing Israeli military operations. The Palestinian Red Crescent and Gaza Civil Defense Directorate report that the Israeli army is intensifying its attacks in areas considered safe, such as Mawasi, Khan Younis, and Rafah. These operations have resulted in numerous casualties, with many victims stranded on the roads and in camps without access to medical aid.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have declared parts of Mawasi as a humanitarian zone but continue to conduct selective operations based on intelligence, dismantling terrorist infrastructure and engaging in combat with armed terrorists. The mayor of Rafah, Ahmad Al Soufi, disputes the IDF's claims of limited operations, stating that the city is being completely destroyed.

The closure of the Rafah border crossing from Egypt and the insecurity near the Kerem Shalom crossing have led to severe shortages of humanitarian aid. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warns that it may have to halt its operations in Gaza due to critical shortages of essential medical supplies. MSF has six trucks loaded with 37 tons of supplies waiting to cross into Gaza, but the bureaucratic delays and security issues have prevented their entry.

Despite the Israeli army's announcement of a daily pause in operations to allow humanitarian aid to pass through, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the impact on aid delivery has been minimal. Humanitarian workers face significant risks due to the lack of public order and security, making it difficult to collect and distribute aid. The WHO calls for the reopening of the Rafah crossing for humanitarian aid and medical evacuations, noting that only 17 of Gaza's 36 hospitals are partially operational.

The situation in Gaza is dire, with over a million people constantly on the move in search of safety. The WHO estimates that at least 10,000 patients need to be evacuated for medical reasons, but no evacuations have been possible since the closure of the Rafah crossing on May 7. The ongoing conflict and restrictions on aid are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, leaving thousands without access to essential medical care and supplies.

  • The Palestinian Red Crescent and Gaza Civil Defense Directorate have raised alarms about the intensifying Israeli military operations in Rafah. They report that many victims are left unattended on roads and in camps due to the heavy attacks.
  • Doctors Without Borders (MSF) highlights the critical shortages of medical supplies in Gaza. Their teams are unable to bring in necessary medicines and equipment, leading to dangerous delays in medical care.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the minimal impact of the daily pause in Israeli operations on the delivery of humanitarian aid. They call for the reopening of the Rafah crossing to facilitate aid and medical evacuations.
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