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Biden Urges Hamas in Peace Talks, Criticizes Israel's War Strategy

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President Joe Biden urges Hamas to agree to ceasefire talks, while Israel continues its military campaign in Gaza. Washington pressures Netanyahu's government for a resolution despite war strategy.

Discordant Views on Gaza Ceasefire Agreement

Recent remarks reveal stark differences in perspectives between the United States and Israel regarding a proposed ceasefire in Gaza. While Israel considers the latest proposal 'incomplete,' the U.S. places pressure on Hamas to agree to the negotiation terms initiated by President Joe Biden last Friday.

During a phone conversation with Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, President Biden emphasized, 'Hamas is now the only obstacle to a complete ceasefire in Gaza.' The White House report indicates that Biden has confirmed Israel's willingness to proceed based on the conditions detailed in the proposal.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan urged Hamas to engage in negotiations, stating, 'Everyone who has been calling for a ceasefire needs to look Hamas in the face this week and tell it that it is time to sit down at the negotiating table and make a deal.' State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller added that although Yahya Sinouar of Hamas might feel safe in tunnels, the proposal is aligned with the interest of the Palestinian people.

Confusion and Claims from Both Sides

The ceasefire proposal has faced confusion and criticism. U.S. President Biden outlined what he termed Israel's three-phase plan to cease hostilities, release hostages, and reconstruct Palestinian territories. Nevertheless, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's administration has committed to continuing the war until Hamas is fully neutralized. An Israeli government spokesperson reiterated that the plan is 'incomplete,' diverging from the stance of the White House.

National Security Council's John Kirby asserted that the proposal was an Israeli effort, not a scheme by Washington, highlighting intensive diplomatic discussions leading to the proposal. Despite divisions within the Israeli government, Matthew Miller pointed out that continued conflict in Gaza is unlikely to enhance Israeli security, noting significant losses suffered by Hamas during the eight months of conflict.

In response, Hossam Badran, a Political Bureau member of Hamas, refuted receiving any new ceasefire proposals and supported the position agreed upon by Hamas and resistance factions on May 6. He accused President Biden of confusion, asserting that the U.S. can indeed pressure Netanyahu into halting the war. Badran claimed that Netanyahu's personal and partisan motives obstruct any potential agreement.

Badran insisted that the resistance would reject any Israeli involvement in Gaza's internal or border affairs, particularly at the Rafah crossing, asserting that the occupation must withdraw. He maintained that Palestinian internal affairs should be managed independently without international or regional interference.

  • Joe Biden's call for a ceasefire aligns with broader international demand for peace, markedly stressed amid humanitarian concerns in Gaza. The U.S. administration continues to advocate for a diplomatic approach, recognizing the toll on all parties involved.
  • Despite the U.S. efforts, Israeli determination to continue the military campaign underlines the complexity of reaching a sustainable ceasefire. Persistent hostilities exacerbate the humanitarian crisis and destabilize the region further.
  • Diplomatic talks and backchannel communications may yet pave the way for a compromise. Analysts suggest that international pressure, combined with internal dynamics within Israel and Hamas, might eventually yield a resolution that addresses both security and humanitarian imperatives.
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