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Singapore Airlines Offers Compensation to Passengers After Severe Turbulence Incident

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Following a severe turbulence incident that left one dead and dozens injured, Singapore Airlines is offering extensive compensation and medical support to passengers of flight SQ321. Learn about the measures being taken for their well-being.

Singapore Airlines Compensates Injured Passengers After Severe Turbulence Incident

Singapore Airlines has announced comprehensive compensation measures following an extreme turbulence incident last month that resulted in one fatality and numerous injuries. The May 20 flight, SQ321, was en route from London to Singapore when it experienced severe turbulence over Myanmar, leading to the death of a 73-year-old British passenger and injuring over a hundred others.

Passengers with minor injuries have been offered compensation of $10,000 each. For those with more serious injuries, the airline is offering an advance of $25,000 to cover immediate medical needs, with the final compensation amounts to be discussed individually. All passengers will also have their ticket costs refunded and will receive additional compensation in accordance with European Union and United Kingdom regulations.

The turbulence occurred over the Irrawaddy basin in Myanmar, causing the Boeing 777-300ER to plunge 1,800 meters in a matter of minutes. Reports detail that the flight experienced a sudden rapid change in gravitational force, leaving passengers little time to fasten their seat belts. Data from FlightRadar24 indicated that the turbulence lasted approximately 90 seconds, during which the aircraft fluctuated dramatically in altitude before stabilizing.

The affected flight had 211 passengers and 18 crew members on board. Dozens were hospitalized, with some remaining in Thai hospitals weeks after the incident. Among the seriously injured is a woman paralyzed from the chest down.

Under the Montreal Convention, airlines are liable for damages caused by the injury or death of passengers. Singapore Airlines has already provided $1,000 Singapore dollars to each passenger on the flight for immediate expenses and covered the medical costs for those injured. The airline has also coordinated travel for family members to join the injured in Bangkok if needed.

Consequences and Steps Forward

Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau is conducting a detailed investigation into the incident. Preliminary reports attribute the turbulence to rapidly developing thunderstorms, corroborating data analytics of the event. This incident underscores the importance of safety measures and the seriousness of in-flight turbulence, a phenomenon that occurs when an aircraft flies between air masses moving at different speeds.

Singapore Airlines has taken significant steps to address the financial and emotional needs of the affected passengers, prioritizing their recovery and long-term well-being. Passengers with severe injuries are encouraged to engage in further discussions with the airline as they recover.

  • The turbulence experienced on flight SQ321 highlights the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of air travel, particularly when navigating weather systems in certain regions.
  • Singapore Airlines' commitment to covering immediate and long-term medical costs, as well as providing travel arrangements for family members, showcases a comprehensive approach to passenger care in critical situations.
  • Experts suggest that this incident may lead to further examinations of airline safety protocols, especially concerning flights over regions prone to sudden atmospheric changes.
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