Israeli Police Arrest Veteran Doctor: Outrage Over Excessive Force at Peaceful Protest

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Veteran doctor Dr. Udi Beharev was arrested during a peaceful protest in Tel Aviv while providing first aid. The incident has sparked significant outrage over police violence against medical staff.

Outrage as Israeli Doctor Arrested During Peaceful Protest

In a shocking incident during a peaceful demonstration in Tel Aviv, Dr. Udi Beharev, a 74-year-old veteran doctor, was aggressively arrested while providing first aid to an injured woman. Dressed in a luminous medical staff vest, Dr. Beharev was violently dragged from the scene by police officers. This incident has sparked a widespread outcry regarding the excessive use of force by the police towards peaceful protesters and medical personnel.

Dr. Beharev’s arrest has highlighted a broader issue of police violence against specific sectors, including demonstrators, psychiatric patients, and ethnic minorities. The Union of Psychiatry of the Israel Medical Association, represented by Dr. Zvi Fishel, strongly condemned the actions of the police and called for immediate government intervention to protect public servants and those engaged in peaceful protests.

Health Minister Uriel Bosso has now ordered an investigation into the incident. This move comes after widespread declarations of outrage from the medical community, including Prof. Hagai Levin, head of the medical field at the Families of the Abductees headquarters, who emphasized that the medical teams often coordinate with the police to provide assistance to the injured, including officers.

Eyewitnesses reported that Dr. Beharev, along with other medical professionals, was violently pushed by policemen despite clearly identifiable medical vests. Dr. Beharev was detained for most of the night, interrogated after four o’clock in the morning, and released exhausted and bruised early the following day. The lack of immediate action against the police officers involved has further inflamed the medical community.

Doctors have warned that if measures are not taken to protect medical professionals from such violence, it could lead to a significant downturn in the health system's trust and operational integrity. They have called for the leadership of the Medical Association to take immediate, significant steps to shield medical staff from police brutality.

This incident underscores an alarming trend of 'over-policing,' where law enforcement agencies exceed their rightful authority, turning their protective role into one of punishment. There is a growing sentiment that the balance between police and civilians is becoming dangerously unbalanced, with the police now seen as an entity that punishes rather than protects citizens and democracy.

  • The broader political tensions and increasing societal divisions have undoubtedly exacerbated this issue. Demonstrations in recent years have seen a noticeable rise in police aggression, often leading to injury and detention of peaceful protesters.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the role of the police is realigned to its fundamental duty of protecting citizens and maintaining public order. This incident serves as a critical reminder of the importance of safeguarding democratic principles and protecting those who serve and protest from unjust violence.
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