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Israel Breaks Defense Export Record with Over NIS 49 Billion in 2023

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Israel's defense exports have hit a record-breaking NIS 49 billion in 2023, doubling in five years despite ongoing military engagements. Discover how innovation and strategic investments have fueled this growth.

The Ministry of Defense of Israel has announced a historical milestone with defense exports exceeding NIS 49 billion in 2023, doubling within five years. Defense Minister Yoav Galant highlighted that despite significant Israeli military engagements across seven different arenas, the defense export record has continued to climb, celebrating this as recognition of the innovation and talent within Israel's defense industries.

This year's export figures are unprecedented, showcasing a notable increase in all sectors, especially air defense systems which constituted 36% of the total transactions compared to 19% in the previous year. The export report provided a detailed breakdown with GNA systems, missiles, rockets, radar and anti-aircraft systems, and various other technologies contributing significantly to the overall export volume.

Internationally, Israel's defense export markets have expanded significantly, with Asia and the Pacific region accounting for 48%, Europe for 35%, and North America for 9%. The Ministry of Defense has been actively working to enhance defense-strategic ties globally, which has facilitated entry into new markets and removed bureaucratic barriers under the rules of international treaties.

In response to the 'Iron Swords' war that broke out on October 7, Israel's defense industries transitioned to emergency mode, ramping up production to support the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) while also continuing to meet foreign demand. General Eyal Zamir, Director General of the Ministry of Defense, emphasized the critical role these industries play in Israel's defense power and their remarkable achievements in recent years.

Furthermore, the Ministry's investment in research and development, expansion of production lines, and focus on production independence aim to reduce reliance on global supply chains. This strategic investment is expected to drive further growth in defense exports and support Israel in facing multi-arena security challenges.

Despite these triumphs, geopolitical tensions have posed challenges. Recently, French authorities barred Israeli firms from participating in the Eurosatory defense exhibition due to political pressures. This decision has been a significant blow to Israeli companies, which value these international meetings highly for their business operations and growth.

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