Investigation Unveils Miri Regev’s Political Bias in Transport Ministry

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An investigation by journalist Raviv Drucker has accused Minister Miri Regev of politically motivated actions in the Transport Ministry, raising significant controversy.

Investigations into Miri Regev's Conduct as Transport Minister

In a comprehensive investigation by journalist Raviv Drucker, aired on Channel 13's program The Source, serious accusations have been made against Israel's Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev. The broadcast scrutinized Regev’s management within the Ministry of Transportation, alleging that her actions were heavily influenced by political motives aimed at garnering votes in the Likud primaries.

One of the most striking incidents detailed in the investigation involved a confrontation last year with Defense Minister Galant's security guards, which escalated to a Shin Bet security guard being run over. The investigation revealed that Regev's office initially shared a video of the incident with journalist Amit Segal from News 12. However, the video was mistakenly sent with audio that captured Regev instructing her driver to 'go', despite the security guard being in their path. This version was later edited and re-released without the incriminating audio.

Segal responded to the allegations in a post, criticizing Drucker for allegedly omitting critical information: 'Raviv Drucker had a big story about Miri Regev, but as often happens, he exaggerated in an attempt to settle an old score with me.' He emphasized that he refused to delete the original video despite pressures from Regev's office and accused Drucker of mixing up different videos concerning the Shin Bet incident and another post he made.

Allegations of Politically Motivated Decision Making

Drucker’s investigation went further to accuse Regev of operating an organized, politically motivated system within the ministry. According to Drucker, Regev’s decision-making was allegedly influenced by a 'traffic light' model, which prioritized localities based on their political support for her in the primaries. Regev's former head of transportation headquarters supported these claims, explaining that localities were categorized by how much they benefited Regev politically, with 'green' for high priority, 'yellow' for moderate support, and 'white' for least importance.

In response, Regev hired lawyer Amit Haddad, who also represents Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling the investigation a collection of 'lies, false claims, half-truths, and distortions of reality'. She insisted that the claims have no factual basis and emphasized that all appointments and decisions were made according to proper procedures. Regev also highlighted her commitment to assist all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation.

These revelations have sparked significant controversy, casting a shadow over Regev’s conduct and raising questions about the ethical practices within the Ministry of Transportation.

  • Regev's office has pushed back strongly against the claims made in Raviv Drucker's investigation. They assert that the accusations are rooted in misinformation and the biased testimony of a former employee. They emphasize their adherence to legal standards and seek to highlight their broad support base, unbounded by political allegiance.
  • Despite the investigation's findings, Regev remains resolute, backed by lawyer Amit Haddad as she prepares to contest the allegations rigorously. She maintains that her actions are in compliance with all governmental procedures and that her decisions are driven by the desire to serve all citizens efficiently.
  • The political ramifications of these accusations could be substantial, impacting Regev's standing within the Likud party and the broader public perception of her leadership. As the debate continues, the veracity of these claims will be essential to observe, with potential implications for future ministerial conduct and oversight.
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