10-Year-Old Girl Brutally Attacked in Marseille School: Harassment Ignored

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A 10-year-old girl was brutally attacked at a Marseille school after months of harassment. The incident raises concerns about child safety and school harassment policies.

Violent Attack on 10-Year-Old Girl in Marseille School

A 10-year-old girl was brutally attacked by a group of students at Square Michelet school in Marseille on June 7. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about school harassment and the safety of children in educational institutions. The young victim, who had been bullied for months, suffered severe head trauma and acute stress syndrome, leading to her hospitalization for several days.

Mother Speaks Out Against Inaction

The victim's mother, Lina, had repeatedly reported the ongoing harassment to the school management, but no action was taken. She expressed her frustration, stating, 'All of this could have been avoided if we had taken action earlier.' The Marseille prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into the violence and school harassment, with the judicial police service of the Southern Division handling the case.

School Administration Under Scrutiny

The Aix-Marseille academy rectorate has stated that they are taking the matter very seriously and are conducting thorough investigations. The student identified as the perpetrator has been temporarily excluded for five days. However, the victim's mother is dissatisfied with the school's response and is considering further actions. The incident has highlighted the need for better anti-harassment measures and support systems in schools to protect vulnerable students.

  • The attack occurred in the playground of the Square Michelet school, where the victim had been subjected to **bullying** and verbal abuse for several months. The situation escalated on June 7 when a group of five students, led by a known harasser, physically assaulted her.
  • Witnesses reported that the attackers hit the girl's head as if it were a ball, with one student even jumping on her with both feet. The attack was witnessed by the victim's 8-year-old brother, who tried to defend her. The girl was left in a state of shock and was diagnosed with severe head trauma and acute stress syndrome at the hospital.
  • The Aix-Marseille academy rectorate has stated that they are in contact with the victim's family and are working with the pHARe cell and the anti-harassment cell to investigate the incident. An academic inspector has been on-site to assess the situation and support the family.
  • Despite the temporary exclusion of the main perpetrator, the victim's mother feels that the school's response has been inadequate. She has filed a complaint against the five students involved in the attack and is considering further actions to ensure her daughter's safety and well-being.
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