Television Ratings Battle: Attal vs. Bardella Debate Draws 3.6 Million Viewers but Falls Short Against TF1’s Primetime Hits

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The highly anticipated Attal vs. Bardella debate on France 2 drew 3.6 million viewers. However, it fell short in the ratings war against TF1's primetime hits, including '20 Heures' and 'HPI.'

The Anticipated Debate: Attal vs. Bardella

Thursday evening brought a significant political showdown on France 2, as Gabriel Attal, Prime Minister, faced off against Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally list in the European elections. The heated debate, hosted by Caroline Roux and titled "The Event," lived up to its name, drawing in 3.61 million viewers (18% of the public) from 8:15 p.m. to 9:35 p.m. This clash marked the first time politicians confronted their ideas on prime time television, creating a buzz among the audience.

Competitive TV Ratings

Despite its solid performance, "The Event" did not lead the evening in TV ratings. TF1's "20 Heures" news segment, hosted by Julien Arnaud, attracted nearly 5 million fans, commanding a 26.1% audience share in the same 8-9 p.m. time slot. Additionally, TF1's "HPI" steamroller garnered even more attention with 7.30 million fans, dominating with a 36.8% market share and an outstanding 49.0% among women responsible for purchases under fifty. France 2 saw a significant drop in viewership after 9:35 p.m., retaining only 1.16 million citizens (7.3%).

Drama and Films on Competing Channels

M6's rebroadcast of the American action film “A Day in Hell” secured the third spot in the evening's ratings with 1.55 million viewers and a 9.3% market share. In contrast, France 3 aired a new French drama, “A young girl who is doing well,” which attracted 1.08 million cinema fans (5.8% audience share). Other channels struggled to compete, with W9 performing best among them with its "20 songs from the Top 50 favorites of the French," drawing in 646,000 music lovers (3.5%).

  • The political debate between Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella was a unique event for French television, marking the first time such a confrontation aired on prime-time TV. This undoubtedly piqued viewers' interest, but the competition from established shows and films proved fierce.
  • TF1's dominance in the ratings can be attributed to its strong programming lineup, including the successful "20 Heures" and "HPI." These programs have consistently garnered high viewer numbers and maintained a loyal audience base.
  • The differences in viewership between the first and second parts of the debate highlight the challenges public service channels face when competing against well-established entertainment options on commercial networks.
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