Mother Organizes White March to Demand Justice for Son Killed by Police

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On June 29, Mounia Merzouk will lead a white march in Nanterre to commemorate her son Nahel, who was killed by a police officer a year ago. The march aims to demand justice and denounce police impunity.

A Mother's Struggle for Justice

On June 27, 2023, Nahel, a 17-year-old, was tragically killed by a police officer in Nanterre, Hauts-de-Seine, after refusing to comply during a road check. The incident ignited several nights of intense urban violence across the Paris region and beyond, marked by looting, firework mortar attacks on public buildings, and fires. Now, a year later, Nahel's mother, Mounia Merzouk, has planned a white march in his honor to demand justice and denounce police impunity.

Commemorating Nahel's Memory

Initially scheduled for June 27, the march was postponed to June 29 due to the surprise dissolution of the National Assembly and the ensuing early legislative elections. Mounia announced the march on social media and in Elle magazine, emphasizing that the event will be a silent tribute to her son, Nahel, and his two passengers, Fouad and Adam, who have also suffered since the incident. Public speeches will be limited to Mounia and Nahel's friends to ensure the focus remains on commemorating Nahel's memory.

Calls for Calm and Dignity

Mounia, who works tirelessly delivering cancer treatments, has called for calm and dignity during the march. She stresses that the young people of Nanterre will ensure there are no excesses and warns against provocations, particularly from the far right, on the eve of the elections. The new mayor of Nanterre, Raphaƫl Adam, has expressed his willingness to attend if Mounia wishes. Meanwhile, the Hauts-de-Seine police headquarters are still reviewing the authorization request for the march.

  • Mounia Merzouk has been preparing for this painful anniversary for a year, driven by the need to seek justice for her son. The unexpected political developments have added a layer of complexity to her plans, but she remains resolute in her mission.
  • The death of Nahel not only affected his family but also sparked the most violent riots in France since 2005. The march on June 29 is intended to be a solemn event, free from political agendas, focusing solely on remembering Nahel and supporting his friends who have also been impacted by the tragedy.
  • Mounia's call for calm and dignity is a plea for respect and order during the march. She believes that the community of Nanterre will uphold these values, ensuring that the event proceeds without incident. Her lawyer, Me Nabil Boudi, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that Nahel's loved ones will continue to fight for justice in his name.
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