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Michou's 'Mealy' Grand Opening: Fans Cause Frenzy in Amiens

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Experience the frenzy as YouTube star Michou opens his first 'Mealy' fast-food restaurant, drawing thousands of fans to Amiens for an unforgettable event.

Michou's Massive Fan Turnout for 'Mealy' Restaurant Opening

One of France's most followed YouTubers, Michou, who garners over 9.7 million subscribers, created waves with the opening of his first fast-food restaurant, 'Mealy,' in Amiens. Known for his engaging content that includes various challenges and stunts, Michou managed to draw thousands of fans to the event. To commemorate the opening, he announced the distribution of 300 free menus, which attracted fans from far and wide, creating a lively yet challenging environment for crowd control.

The announcement of the restaurant opening went viral on Michou’s social networks, eventually leading to an overwhelming turn-out that necessitated municipal police intervention. Screaming fans, some of whom had traveled overnight, created a stampede-like situation. The atmosphere became particularly tense when Michou ascended to an apartment above the restaurant, causing unprecedented excitement among the crowd. Several fans, including children, were reported to have fainted, requiring medical attention. Neighboring businesses noted a significant increase in foot traffic, with many parents hurrying to buy water bottles for their children from local shops.

A Culinary World Tour: Burgers Named After Cities

Michou's new endeavor is not just a restaurant but a 'culinary world tour.' The menu features six different hamburger recipes named after cities like Dakar, Sydney, Bali, Santa Monica, and Mykonos. The YouTuber shared that through his travels, he has had the privilege of experiencing a wide array of flavors, which he now aims to bring to his fans via his restaurant. The fast food establishment keeps its prices accessible, with the most expensive menu priced at €13.50. Everything served, including fries, sundaes, smoothies, and cookies, is certified 'Made in France.'

Future Expansion Plans Amidst Enthusiastic Fan Base

The opening of 'Mealy' is just the beginning. By the end of June, a dark kitchen will be set up to serve Paris and its inner suburbs. Additionally, Michou plans to open six or seven more outlets by the year's end, targeting cities like Marseille and Nantes. Despite the chaos at the opening, Michou's accessibility and his intent to maintain a welcoming atmosphere for fans are well appreciated. The event, documented extensively on social media, is slated to feature in an upcoming video by Michou, providing further insight into this new venture.

  • Social networks have proven their undeniable power yet again with the turnout for the opening of 'Mealy.' The event sees Michou engaging personally with fans, capturing moments that will contribute to his extensive social media presence.
  • The fan frenzy reflects Michou's significant influence, particularly among teenagers. His popularity was evident, substantiated by the fact that fans traveled across regions, arriving as early as 6 a.m. to be part of the grand opening.
  • Although primarily known for his YouTube challenges and a stint in 'Dancing with the Stars,' Michou's pivot to the culinary world is symptomatic of the diverse avenues influencers can explore.
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