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Lionel Messi Celebrates 37th Birthday Amid Copa America with Fans and Teammates

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Lionel Messi celebrated his 37th birthday with his Argentina National Team teammates and fans in New Jersey during the Copa America. The event included a massive cake, fan interactions, and preparations for their upcoming match against Chile.

Lionel Messi Celebrates 37th Birthday with National Team in New Jersey

Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentine National Team and Inter Miami star, celebrated his 37th birthday on June 24, 2024, in New Jersey, where the Copa America is taking place. A massive blue and white cake was prepared in honor of Messi, and fans were invited to partake in the festivities. Messi shared a photo on Instagram with the cake, surrounded by teammates like Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes. He expressed gratitude for the birthday wishes and mentioned the team's focus on their upcoming match.

The Argentine team, fresh off a 3-0 victory against Canada, is set to face Chile in their second Group A match. The birthday celebrations also included Diego Albornoz, the team's chef for the past 25 years. Coach Lionel Scaloni humorously noted that he didn't get Messi a gift, leaving it to the team's leaders. However, a group of Argentine pastry chefs in New York provided the celebratory cake. Messi thanked everyone for their greetings and shared his excitement for the upcoming match.

Messi took time to interact with fans outside the hotel, even greeting them from his window. He was initially hesitant but was encouraged by Cristóbal Soria, a member of El Chiringuito. Fans were also treated to birthday cake by Messi's teammates. After the celebrations, the team resumed their training, with Scaloni finalizing the lineup for the match against Chile.

  • The birthday celebration was a significant event, not just for Messi but also for the fans and the team. The atmosphere was filled with joy and anticipation as Messi's birthday coincided with the Copa America tournament.
  • Messi's interaction with fans, despite being in the middle of a major tournament, highlights his connection with supporters and his humble nature. The presence of Cristóbal Soria added a special touch to the event.
  • The team is focused on continuing their strong performance in the Copa America, with the next match against Chile being crucial for their advancement in the tournament.
  • The involvement of Argentine pastry chefs in New York in preparing Messi's birthday cake showcases the global support and admiration for the football star.
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