Kevin Mayer Targets 8,640 Points to Qualify for Paris 2024 in Decathlon

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Kevin Mayer is putting everything on the line at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, aiming to achieve 8,640 points to qualify for Paris 2024. Read about his journey and challenges.

Kevin Mayer's Last Chance to Qualify for Paris 2024 Olympics

Kevin Mayer, the world record holder in decathlon, is vying for his last opportunity to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics at the European Athletics Championships in Rome. With a total of 8,640 points required to meet the Olympic minimums, Mayer's journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster.

Challenges and Efforts

After the first five events of the decathlon, Mayer has accumulated 4,320 points, exactly half of what he needs. The stakes are high, and the pressure mounts every second as he strives to secure his ticket to Paris. Mayer has been eyeing this moment, having had to withdraw from previous attempts in Brisbane and San Diego due to physical strain.

Support from Makenson Gletty

Adding to the drama, Mayer is not the only Frenchman aiming for glory. Makenson Gletty, currently in fourth place with more than 6,000 points, has also been a standout performer. Gletty's resilience was evident when he managed to pass a critical bar at 4.60m on his third attempt, keeping him in contention for the medals.

This championship not only tests athletic skill but also the mental fortitude of athletes like Mayer and Gletty, who are fighting against the odds to reach their ultimate goal—qualification for the Olympics. The French contingent's journey in Rome underscores the essence of sportsmanship and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

  • Kevin Mayer, 32, is no stranger to high-stakes competitions. He was the Olympic vice-champion in 2016 and 2021 and has the weight of expectations on his shoulders.
  • The European Athletics Championships in Rome serves as a make-or-break event for Mayer, marking possibly his final attempt to secure his Olympic spot after a challenging year marked by injuries and setbacks.
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