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INSEE Reveals Top First Names in France for 2023: Louise and Gabriel Lead the Charts

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Discover the most popular first names in France for 2023 as revealed by INSEE. Louise and Gabriel lead the charts, with unique regional variations adding to the diversity.

Most Popular First Names in France for 2023

The latest data from INSEE reveals the most popular first names in France for 2023. For girls, Louise has taken the top spot, dethroning Jade, who has fallen to fourth place. Ambre has moved up to second, followed by Alba in third. The top ten list also includes Emma, Rose, Alma, Alice, Romy, and Anna.

Top Boy Names in France for 2023

In the boys' category, Gabriel continues to dominate, holding the first position for the third consecutive year with 4,527 births. Raphaël has climbed to second place, followed by Léo in third. The list is rounded out by Louis, Maël, Noah, Jules, Adam, Arthur, and Isaac.

Regional Variations in First Names

The data also highlights unique regional trends. In Corsica, names like Saveriu, Ghjulianu, and Anghjulina are predominantly given. Similarly, in the Basque Country, Mattin, Luma, and Ibai are popular. In Mayotte, names such as Nadjida and Yanik are common. These regional names often reflect strong local identities and are rarely found outside their respective regions.

While the most common first names like Louise and Gabriel are popular nationwide, they still only account for 1 to 2% of births, a far cry from the 4 to 5% seen with names like Marie or Jean in the past. This trend indicates a growing diversity in the names chosen by parents across France.

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