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Gerard Piqué Investigated for Alleged Corruption in RFEF Contracts

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Former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué faces investigation over alleged irregularities in RFEF contracts, involving €4 million commissions for moving the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia.

Gerard Piqué Under Investigation in RFEF Irregularities Case

Former FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué is under scrutiny in the case known as "Brody" for alleged irregularities involving the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). The investigative court of Majadahonda is examining whether Piqué, through his representation of the Kosmos company, received commissions worth approximately €4 million annually for securing the Spanish Super Cup's relocation to Saudi Arabia.

The investigation, which originated in 2022, focuses on the agreements signed in 2019 and later extended, that established a 'success bonus' benefiting a third-party agent—identified as Piqué by the court. Piqué has maintained his innocence, stating in April 2022 that 'everything we have done is legal' and expressed pride in his and Kosmos' actions on his Twitch account.

The case encompasses broader concerns about potential corruption and mismanagement within the RFEF during Luis Rubiales' presidency from 2018 to 2023. Rubiales is also under investigation, denying any financial misconduct and asserting maximum excellence in his statements following the April court hearings.

The inquiry has extended to other RFEF contracts, including works carried out at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville. The court is investigating a supposed network involving RFEF officials and businesses close to Rubiales, highlighting possible 'triangulation of funds' and payments to companies managed by Rubiales' associates.

Among those summoned by the court are high-profile RFEF officials and businessmen linked to Rubiales, such as Francisco Javier Alcaide (Nene) and the construction company Gruconsa. The court's recent orders have expanded the investigation to fifteen people, scrutinizing the roles of these individuals and entities in the alleged malpractices.

One focal point is whether the RFEF facilitated payments to Kosmos amidst Piqué's tenure as a player for Barcelona, participants of the Super Cup. Judge Delia Rodrigo is probing various aspects of these contracts to determine if crimes of corruption, unfair administration, or money laundering were perpetrated.

  • Other notable individuals under investigation include Pedro Rocha, the RFEF president at the time, and former legal advisors Tomas Gonzalez Cueto and Pedro Manuel Gonzalez Segura. These figures, along with others, are believed to have been instrumental in directing funds and facilitating contracts that are now under judicial scrutiny.
  • The court's probe suggests that RFEF, under Rubiales' executive direction, engaged in contracting practices that may have included fabricating offers to channel funds to specific companies and individuals. Detailed financial transactions between RFEF and companies like Gruconsa and Dismantec, led by Rubiales' close associates, are also under examination.
  • The overall investigation continues to reveal more intricate connections and financial dealings, emphasizing the larger context of potential institutional corruption within Spanish football's governing bodies during the specified period.
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