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French Rugby Stars Arrested in Argentina Over Rape Allegations Amid Controversy

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French rugby players Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou have been detained in Argentina following allegations of rape and sexual assault. The incident casts a shadow over the team's tour in South America.

French Rugby Players Arrested in Argentina for Alleged Sexual Assault

French rugby players Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou have been detained by Argentine police following accusations of rape and sexual assault by a young woman. The alleged incident took place in Mendoza, Argentina, after the French XV's victory against the Pumas. The players were arrested while preparing to travel to Uruguay for an unofficial match.

The young woman filed a complaint against the two players, claiming the assault occurred in the team's hotel. Both Jégou and Auradou have admitted to having sexual relations with the woman but insist that the interactions were consensual. Despite these claims, the Argentine authorities have taken the allegations seriously, leading to the players' detention in Buenos Aires and their subsequent transfer to Mendoza for further questioning.

In response to the situation, Fabien Galthié, the head coach of the French XV, held an emergency press conference. He expressed his concern for the alleged victim and assured that the team is cooperating fully with the Argentine justice system. Galthié also emphasized the importance of supporting the players through this difficult period while ensuring that justice is served.

This incident follows closely on the heels of another controversy involving French player Melvyn Jaminet, who was recently accused of making racist remarks. Despite these setbacks, the French XV's tour in Argentina continues. The team is scheduled to play against Uruguay this Wednesday evening and will face the Pumas again on Saturday.

  • Oscar Jégou and Hugo Auradou, aged 21 and 20 respectively, are facing serious allegations that could impact their careers significantly. The events in question occurred shortly after their first selection with the French XV against Argentina, a match that ended in a 28-13 victory for the French team.
  • The players were initially detained in Buenos Aires and are now being transferred to Mendoza, near the Chilean border, for police questioning. This development has cast a shadow over the French team's tour in South America.
  • Adding to the controversy, it has been revealed that Oscar Jégou tested positive for **cocaine** at the start of the season, shortly after his second match in the Top 14. This revelation raises further questions about the player's conduct and the potential impact on his professional future.
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