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Cyril Hanouna to Debut Engaging Political Show on Europe 1 As Election Nears

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Cyril Hanouna extends his media presence with a new political commentary show on Europe 1. Spanning two weeks, the program aims to decode the legislative election campaign.

Cyril Hanouna Ventures Into Political Commentary

Cyril Hanouna, the well-known host of the hit TV show 'Touche pas à mon poste' (TPMP) on C8, is extending his presence to radio for a two-week stint. Starting Monday, Hanouna will be hosting a daily show on Europe 1 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., where he will focus on commenting on the legislative election campaign. This move comes after the end of the TPMP season on June 13. The initially proposed title for the radio show was 'Cyril Hanouna Remakes the News,' but it has now been renamed 'On marche sur la tête', a title that suggests a more committed and engaged approach to news commentary.

The decision to launch this show was made swiftly and replaces Sophie Davant's entertainment segment 'Sophie and the Friends,' catching her team by surprise. Europe 1, now owned by billionaire Vincent Bolloré—who also owns C8—announced this plan through a press release. They described the show's goal as providing 'decryption' for listeners before the early votings of June 30 and July 7. The channel promises a mix of columnists, guests, and active participation from listeners.

During his last days on TPMP, Hanouna hosted a variety of political figures, including ministers Rachida Dati and Gérald Darmanin, the president of LR then excluded Éric Ciotti, Reconquest MEP Sarah Knafo, and former RN MP Sébastien Chenu. This aligns with the expected political tone of his new radio program.

In a dramatic statement, Hanouna declared that he would leave France if the political group La France Insoumise (LFI) were to come to power in the upcoming legislative elections. This controversial statement fits well within Hanouna's known public persona, often marked by outspoken opinions and provocative commentary. Such components have previously led to multiple fines for C8 by Arcom, the media regulator, amounting to 7.5 million euros in total.

  • Cyril Hanouna's move to radio underscores the increasing crossover between TV personalities and political commentary. This trend reflects a growing public appetite for political opinion from familiar media figures.
  • With the involvement of Vincent Bolloré, who owns both the radio station Europe 1 and the TV channel C8, there seems to be a calculated effort to dominate multiple media platforms, potentially influencing public opinion more effectively.
  • The unexpected scheduling changes at Europe 1 further highlight the fluid and unpredictable nature of media programming, particularly in periods leading up to significant political events.
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