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Catherine Hiegel Exposes Richard Berry's Abuse: 50-Year-Old Secret Revealed

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In a shocking revelation, Catherine Hiegel accuses her ex-companion Richard Berry of domestic violence, adding new layers to the long-standing allegations their daughter Coline has made against him.

Catherine Hiegel Breaks Silence on Richard Berry's Domestic Violence

In a powerful testimony, actress Catherine Hiegel has formally accused her ex-companion, actor Richard Berry, of domestic violence. This revelation follows years of deteriorating relationships within their family, compounded by previous accusations against Berry made by their daughter, Coline. Hiegel’s haunting account was shared as part of the 'After the Violence' exhibition by photographer Marc Melki, where she held a notebook detailing the abuses she endured. 'He bangs my head against the sink, sewn back to the arch; several slaps, of course. The last one, seven months pregnant, my eardrum explodes, Coline turns over in my stomach. Sentenced to a cesarean section. I didn’t file a complaint, I left him,' she wrote.

The seriousness of these claims is underscored by the timeline; Hiegel recounts these events occurring nearly 50 years ago, but emphasizes their enduring impact. Hiegel is the only individual among various celebrities, including Nagui and Bruno Solo, participating in the exhibition to testify about her own experiences, rather than on behalf of someone else. Her daughter, Coline Berry-Rojtman, praised her mother's bravery on social media, expressing pride.

Historical Allegations and Legal Proceedings

The allegations against Berry have now come from two family members. In February 2021, Coline accused her father of 'incestuous rape or sexual assault and corruption of a minor.' She publicly shared her traumatic experiences in an interview with Le Monde, describing inappropriate and abusive behavior by Berry. Despite her accusations, Berry has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Subsequent legal actions have seen mixed outcomes. The Paris public prosecutor's office opened an investigation into Coline’s claims, but closed it in August 2022 due to the statute of limitations. Additionally, Coline faced a defamation lawsuit from Berry’s former partner, Jeane Manson. This case led to her initial conviction, which was later overturned by a higher court in December 2023.

Impact and Reactions

Richard Berry's lawyer has refrained from commenting on the recent accusations by Hiegel. However, the magnitude of these allegations and their potential implications have stirred public and media interest. Hiegel’s experience, though decades old, adds a poignant layer to the ongoing discourse around celebrity and accountability. Marilou Berry, the actor’s niece, also confirmed the violent history in past interviews, bringing additional weight to the claims.

The unfolding saga continues to captivate attention, with a forthcoming decision from the Lyon Court of Appeal expected on July 17. This case sheds light on the broader issues of domestic violence and the challenges victims face in seeking justice, particularly when the accused are influential figures.

  • Catherine Hiegel’s testimony is part of a broader societal effort to confront and address domestic violence. Through platforms like the 'After the Violence' exhibition, survivors are able to share their stories, potentially prompting cultural shifts in how such crimes are reported and prosecuted.
  • The public discourse surrounding the Berry family underscores the importance of legal reforms to support survivors. Changing the statute of limitations and refining defamation laws could remove barriers to justice, preventing similar future scenarios where victims are unable to seek legal recourse due to outdated legal frameworks.
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